Tumblebooks: ebooks for e-kids

Parents and Caregivers: During this difficult time, remember that you have unrestricted digital Library access from the comfort of your home. TumbleBooks is a children's app that helps build reading, math and literacy skills for grades K-6. Choose talking picture books, read-along chapter books, videos and more.

Tumblebooks Instructions

Step 1: Install Tumblebooks app from your device’s app store—Apple App Store or Google Play

Step 2: Open Tumblebooks app and fill in the requested information. Enter Licking County Library as the location and then your library card number.

Step 3: Browse for the desired title. The material will load automatically. Please note: Tumblebooks requires internet service to run material.

Browse titles or if you don't have a mobile device, download directly to your desktop computer through Tumblebooks


We also have a great story suggestion for you! Check out the timely TumbleBooks classic "Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo"! It's a delightful rhyming story about a little girl who goes to the zoo and makes all the animals sick because she's coughing and wiping her runny nose without washing her hands!