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Licking County Library Fund

Our Library has transformed over the last 110 years—from an era of
card catalogs and 
16mm film collections to the contemporary age of technology, downloadable media and a meeting place of the minds. We
thank you for supporting Licking County Library and invite you
to embark on the next century with us!

Dear Community,

Licking County Library (LCL) is committed to serving our community of lifelong learners. We reach all corners of our service area by providing free cutting-edge materials, dynamic programming and learning tools to help people in all stages of life.

I am very thankful that Licking County residents have been so supportive of their Library over the years. With your support, we have been able to actively engage those in our community while fostering meaningful relationships that begin during the early stages of literacy. Reinventing ourselves as a relevant and innovative resource is something we work toward on a daily basis.

LCL has positioned itself as a community hub—which I feel is naturally fitting. Listening to the abundance of success stories that our patrons share help ignite our passions to touch even more lives with our services. That is why I’m extremely proud to announce The Licking County Library Fund.

This fund was established in honor of long-serving Trustee Marty Morrison. Marty recently stepped down from our Board of Trustees after nearly 20 years of service. As a child visiting the one-room Hebron Library, her love for libraries grew exponentially. Over the years she has helped oversee the building of a new Main Library, renovation of the Emerson R. Miller branch, and has used her experience to make sure the Library remained fiscally sound.

Marty’s kindness and support welcoming me as a new Director in 2010 knew no bounds. I have always respected her openness and confidence and have learned a lot from her. Above all else, Marty was an advocate for our staff and an avid user of all of our locations.

Creating this legacy in Marty’s name is a wonderful tribute that acknowledges her support and sincere passion for Licking County Library. I invite you to consider donating to this fund—make a gift to honor or celebrate someone you know who was touched by our Library. Your gift will continue exemplary service to this community for generations to come and it is tax deductible. This fund is held and managed by the Licking County Foundation. Donations can be made directly by visiting their website at and clicking on “Donate.”

Southgate Corporation valued Marty’s knowledge and hard-working spirit so much that they knew this would be the ultimate gift to honor her dedication to over fifty years of service to them as well as her passion for public libraries. I cannot thank them enough for their generous gift to establish this fund, nor can I begin to express my sincere appreciation for all the time and expertise Marty has shared with me and the Library. 

I hope to have a conversation with you about how you can be a part of the Licking County Library legacy. Please send me an email, call 740-349-5503 or stop in the Main Library and see me.


Babette Wofter
Director of The Licking County Library


Throughout the Years!

Taking a ride on the third Bookmobile, a Gerstenslager that ran from 1961-1974.

Jackie Johnson, who currently works as a Circulation Clerk, is shown working the former Main Library.

Staff checking the construction progress of the Main Libraryin 1999 (current location).

Click for more Library memories.

Residents still remember visiting the children’s room on the second floor of the Main Library located at 105 West Church Street. This photo is from 1939.The Library was at this location from 1920 to 1950.